Several scholarships, fellowships, and programs available to Graduate Students and Undergraduate students though the Physics department and the University of Arkansas.

Graduate Students

Under the Raymond H. Hughes Graduate Program, the Physics department offers graduate students positions for assistantships fellowships.  Graduate assistants are guaranteed pay is $18,000 for 9 months coupled with paid tuition. Additionally, students have access to a Doctoral Academy Fellowship ( 12 month stipend is $30,000 ($18,000 GA stipend plus $12,000 DAF stipend) with paid tuition) and a Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship (12-month stipend is $40,000 ($18,000 GA stipend plus $22,000 DDF stipend) with paid tuition). For additional information, requirements, and applications, visit the graduate assistantships and fellowships page.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships Page


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students have access to apply for a multitude of scholarships and awards though different programs. Scholarships offered include the Physics Faculty Scholarship, the ARK-PHYS S-STEM scholarship, Rear Admiral William Bryson scholarship, Robert Maurer scholarship, Charles Richardson Scholarship, and the Paul Sharrah scholarship. Additionally, awards such as the Lingelbach award are available to outstanding undergraduate physics majors. For additional information, requirements, and applications, visit the undergraduate scholarships page.

Undergraduate Physics Scholarships and Awards Page