Undergraduate Programs

B.A. and B.S.

William Oliver
Chair of the Department
226 Physics Building

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The Department of Physics offers two undergraduate majors, one leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a second leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics.

Physicists ask questions and try to find answers to almost everything. If you have wondered about rainbows, thunderstorms, why stars shine, the colors of beetles, why curve balls curve, how the universe began, or how quarks and leptons interact – if you like to explore and figure out why things are the way they are – you might want to become a physicist.

The Bachelor of Science degree program is designed for students interested in professional employment or who want to pursue graduate work in physics or closely related fields such as astronomy, engineering, laser technology, or computational science. It offers the option of one of seven concentrations.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program provides a broad background in the physics and technology of today and tomorrow. Training in physics provides students with a unique background, the usefulness of which transcends the boundaries of the professional disciplines.

In our increasingly technological society, scientific literacy is ever more important for the successful employee. Physics, the most fundamental science, gives students the fascination of studying the deepest principles of the universe while preparing them for a wide range of practical employment.

For information on advanced degrees in physics, see the Graduate School Catalog.