Alumni Careers

The education our graduate students receive and the analytical and creative skills they acquire lead them to a variety of interesting careers in academia, government, and industry. The following list gives the organizations where some of our recent graduates were first employed and, if known, the positions they held.

Saad Bin-Omran, Ph.D., 2008
Richard Campbell, M.S., 2008, 8th grade science teacher, Woodland Jr. High, Fayetteville
Jennifer Campbell, M.S., 2008, high school science teacher at Shiloh
Margaret Cotton, M.A., 2008, community college teacher
James Uplinger, Ph.D., 2007
Ziad Abu-Waar, Ph.D., 2007
Emad Almahmoud, Ph.D., 2007
John Wong, M.A., 2007, grad school University of Colorado
Jessica Clanton, M.A., 2007, teacher, Arkansas Tech in Mountain Home
Andrew Bratcher, M.S., 2007, electro-optical engineer at Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies, CO
Josh Hess, M.S., 2007, high school math teacher in Seattle public schools
Tiffany Daniels, M.A., 2007, high school teacher
Raiya Ebini, M.S., 2007, pursuing PH.D.
Keith Paxton, M.A., 2007, high school teacher
Dianne Phillips, M.A., 2007, physics teacher at NWACC
Chenli Gan, M.S., 2007, pursuing Micro-EP PH.D.
Andy Brown, Ph.D., 2006, physicist at Polatomic, Inc.
Shabnam Siddiqui, Ph.D., 2006
David Cameron, M.A., 2006, medical school
Darrell Clark, M.A., 2006, high school teacher
Jacob Moonstone, M.A., 2006, college teacher
Ali Najim, M.A., 2006, physical sciences teacher, Flagler College in St Augustine, Florida
Sammy Grimes, M.S., 2006, pursuing PH.D. in Oklahoma
Juan Serna, Ph.D., 2005, college teacher
Dileep Karanth, Ph.D., 2005, visiting assistant professor at Misericordia University, PA
Abdullah Al-Barakaty, Ph.D., 2005
Alireza Akbarzadeh, Ph.D., 2005, post doctoral fellow at California State University at Northridge
Horace Crogman, Ph.D., 2005, Post-doc Dijon Institute Carnot of Bourgogne (ICB), teaching at La Sierra University in Riverside California
Sharam Seyedmohammadi, Ph.D., 2005, research associate, University of Iowa
Yulia Navtsenya, M.S., 2005
Somaditya Banerjee, M.S., 2005, seeking a PH.D. on history of Phys in India at Uni. of British Columbia
Jeff Sabby, Ph.D., 2004, UA Physics Lecturer
Oleg Nadiarnykh, Ph.D., 2004
Amjad Nazzal, Ph.D., 2004, post-doc UA, visiting assistant professor Wilkes University, Pennsylvania
Fuad Rawwagah, Ph.D., 2004, assistant professor, Yarmouk University
Xiaoyong Wang, Ph.D., 2004, chemistry post-doc at University of Rochester
Daniel Erenso, Ph.D., 2003, assistant professor, Middle Tennessee State University
Zeyad Al-Ahmed, M.S., 2003, assistant professor King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Kjell Tengesdal, M.S., 2003, nuclear safety officer
Tracy Bond, M.A., 2003, high school teacher
Mark Thompson, M.A., 2003, high school teacher
Michael Teplitsky, M.S., 2003
Terri Wilson, M.A., 2003, high school teacher
Sherman Bui, M.A., 2003, analyst, WalMart consumer products quality division
Ahmad Al-Yocoub, Ph.D., 2002
Zhao Ding, Ph.D., 2002, post doc at UA and then physics faculty position at Guizhou University in China
Husam Abu-Safe, Ph.D., 2002, research associate, department of Electrical Engineering
Hongjun Yao, Ph.D., 2002
Ioulia Zotova, Ph.D., 2002
David Goorskey, M.S., 2002, research scientist at NN Labs
Jennifer Bone, M.A., 2002, high school teacher
Stephen Highland, M.S., 2002, college teacher
Melody Thomas, M.A., 2002, physics instructor NWACC
Andre Guerin, M.S., 2002
Daniel Bullock, Ph.D., 2001, UA post-doc, then physics teacher at Arkansas Tech in Russelville
John Carter, Ph.D., 2001, assistant professor, Missouri State
Timothy Clingan, M.S., 2001, service assistant UA athletics
Aaron George, M.S., 2001
Aqiang Guo, Ph.D., 2000, post-doc UA Physics Dept.
Edwin Hach, Ph.D., 2000,
Dorel Guzen, Ph.D. 2000, Research Engineer, Corning Corp., Corning, NY
William Burkett, Ph.D., 2000, Staff Scientist, Extera Corp., Dallas, TX
Clayton Workman, M.S., 2000
Ryan Wolfe, M.S., 2000, teacher, St. Johns River Community College in Florida
Ananth Venkatesan, M.S., 2000
Stephen Skinner, M.A., 2000, lab curator UA physics
Diana Shue, M.S., 2000
Tim Burt, Ph.D., 1999, Staff Scientist, Ratheon Corp., Dallas, TX
Matt Klotz, Ph.D., 1999, Staff Scientist, Micro-Machines Corp., Los Angeles, CA
Scott Hawking, Ph.D., 1999, Post-Doctorate, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IW
Michael J. Schillaci, Ph.D., 1999, Assistant Professor, Francis Marion University, Florence, SC
Sergio Afonso, Ph.D., 1997, Senior Process Development Engineer, Honeywell Microswitch
Kaiyuan Chen, Ph.D., 1997, Senior Product Engineer, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Kim Fook Lee, M.A., 1997, Ph.D. Student, Duke University
Zheng Lu, Ph.D., 1997, Engineer, MEMC Electronic Materials Inc., St. Louis, MO
Gregory Fox, M.S., 1996 E-Systems, Dallas, TX
Patrick Holmes, M.A., 1996, Law School, Purdue University
Henry Leach, M.S., 1996, Fidelity Investments, Cincinnati, OH
T.C. Reimer, Ph.D., 1996, Business Analyst, WalMart Headquarters, Bentonville, AR
John Shultz, Ph.D., 1996, Research Associate, High Density Electronics Center, Univ. of AR
Galen Duree, Ph.D., 1995, Associate Professor, Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa, ID
Greg Finney, Ph.D., 1995, Associate Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs
Quifang He, Ph.D., 1995, Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University at Beebe, Beebe, AR
Shaozheng Jin, Ph.D., 1995, Telecomm Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Matthew Morin, M.S., 1995, Actuarial Assistant, American State Insurance, IN
Changxin Wang, Ph.D., 1995, McDonald Associates, Dallas, TX
William Kiehl, Ph.D., 1994, Systems Engineer, Ball Aerospace, CA
Yujiang Qu, Ph.D., 1994, Member Technical Staff, British Telecommunications, Wash., DC

A few comments by our graduate students about graduate studies at Arkansas

“At Arkansas, I am becoming the physicist I want to be. In part this is due to the example of the faculty who are at the same time excellent researchers and inspiring teachers. In part this is due to the openness and friendship of the graduate students, both in and out of the classroom. Taken together these two reasons have made graduate study here both pleasurable and productive.” –Tim Burt
“I chose to come here because I had heard “horror stories” about being lost in the masses at the larger universities. I talked with Dr. Salamo and he told me that I would be very happy with the size of the classes and the amount of personal attention that a student can receive. In this regard I have been very happy here at Arkansas.” –Michael J. Schillaci